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Unit 13: Trophäen/Erfolge

  PlayStation Vita 


Unit 13 Bild
13 Squared
Eliminate 169 enemies over the course of your career.

Adapt and Overcome
Complete a Daily Challenge operation.

Badass and Bulletproof
Eliminate 13 enemies without taking damage.

Blast from the Past
Find an homage to what has come before...

Score 13 headshots in a single operation.

By Strength and Guile
Reach level 10 with RINGO.

Crowd Control Jr.
Eliminate 2 enemies with a single grenade.

De Oppresso Liber
Reach level 10 with ANIMAL.

Extra Credit(S)
Watch the credits.

Facit Omnia Voluntas
Reach level 10 with ZEUS.

Friendly Rivalry
Get a higher mission score than someone on your friends list.

Honneur et Fidélité
Reach level 10 with CHUCKLES.

It Pays to be a Winner
Reach level 10 with PYTHON.

L337 $0LD13R
Complete an Elite operation.

Complete a Covert operation.

Less Me, More We
Complete an operation in co-op.

Life of the Party
Show your enemy that you get down with the best of ?em.

New Recruit
Complete the Unit 13 Training Course.

One Shot, One Kill
Reach level 10 with ALABAMA.

Complete a Direct Action operation.

Speed Demon
Complete a Deadline operation.

Trick Shot
Eliminate an enemy by setting off a mine.

Twin Foiled
Eliminate 2 enemies with a single melee attack.

Two For One
Eliminate 2 enemies with a single bullet.

Unit 13

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