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Dynasty Warriors Next: Trophäen/Erfolge

  PlayStation Vita 


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An Everlasting Love
Formed a marriage pact with another officer.

Armor Collector
Obtained all of the available armor.

Army of One
Defeated 1,000 enemies in one battle.

Benevolent Ruler
Achieved the best possible Governance Rating.

Character Collector
Created 10 Edit Characters.

Combo Master
Completed a 500 hit combo.

Equipment Collector
Obtained all of the available growth items.

Friends to the End
Formed a sworn oath with another officer.

Malevolent Ruler
Achieved the worst possible Governance Rating.

Master of the Kingdom
Earned 100,000 Exp.

Master of the Realm
Earned 500,000 Exp.

Movie Collector
Viewed all of the movies in the game.

New Recruit
Created a save data file.

Orb Collector
Obtained all of the available orbs.

Say Cheese
Took a picture using the Musou Snapshot feature of the Gala Mode.

Seasoned Veteran
Successfully completed all of the Sudden Encounters.

The Path of Ambition
Cleared the Conquest Mode a total of 5 times.

Unrivaled Warrior
Defeated 3,000 enemies in one battle.

Completed a battle in either Campaign Mode, or Conquest Mode without taking any damage.

You Can Pursue Lu Bu
Defeated Lu Bu in the Campaign Mode.

Dynasty Warriors Next

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