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Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Playstation 3 


Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance Bild
A Big Fan of Lefties
Acquire all enemy officers' left arms.

A Lover, Not a Fighter
Successfully complete 10 No Kill battles during story mode.

A Walk in the Dark
Complete the abandoned railroad sequence in File R-03 without using AR Mode.

Analysis Complete
Unlock every VR Mission.

Anti-Cyborg Sentiment
Destroy a total of 100 Cyborgs during story mode.

Assassin Behind Closed Doors
Successfully complete 30 Ninja Kills during story mode.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Dismember three enemies during Blade Mode with a single attack.

Data Mining
Acquire all data storage devices.

Datsu Right
Successfully complete 50 Zandatsus during story mode.

Demilitarized Zone
Destroy a total of 100 Heavily Armed Cyborgs during story mode.

Dwarf Raiden
Incapacitate all the soldiers in File R-02 using a Dwarf Gekko.

Extinction Level Event
Destroy a total of 10 Raptors during story mode.

File R-00: Status - Closed
Complete File R-00: Guard Duty.

File R-01: Status - Closed
Complete File R-01: Coup d'État.

File R-02: Status - Closed
Complete File R-02: Research Facility.

File R-03: Status - Closed
Complete File R-03: Mile High.

File R-04: Status - Closed
Complete File R-04: Hostile Takeover.

File R-05: Status - Closed
Complete File R-05: Escape From Denver.

File R-06: Status - Closed
Complete File R-06: Badlands Showdown.

File R-07: Status - Closed
Complete File R-07: Assassination Attempt.

Great Escape
Complete File R-05 in less than 7 minutes.

Destroy a total of 10 Gekkos during story mode.

Humanitarian Assistance
Rescue all the civilians.

Ich Liebe Kapitalismus!
Acquire all customization items.

Jumping the Shark
Destroy a total of 10 Hammerheads during story mode.

Looking Out for the Little Guys
Destroy a total of 30 Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.

Love at First Sight
While remotely operating a Dwarf Gekko in story mode, find and communicate with all Dwarf Gekkos.

Menace to Society
Cut off the finial at the top of the pagoda in File R-04.

No Flash Photography!
Destroy all the Gun Cameras in File R-01.

Discover all of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes.

Pond Scum
Destroy a total of 5 Vodomjerka during story mode.

Rip 'Em Apart!
In story mode, kill 100 enemies by cutting them.

Destroy a total of 10 Mastiffs during story mode.

Slider Strike
Destroy a total of 10 Sliders during story mode.

Steel Tail
Cut off Metal Gear RAY's metal tail during File R-00.

Surprise Attack!
Arrive at the objective in File R-07 without being spotted.

Tearing Away the Disguise
Destroy all of the humanoid Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.

The Bigger They Are...
Destroy a total of 100 Custom Cyborgs during story mode.

VR Master
Complete every VR Mission.

What Doesn't Kill You...
In story mode, successfully parry 10 attacks in a row in one minute or less.

Wolf Hunter
Destroy a total of 10 Fenrirs during story mode.

You Don't Run from Chance
Successfully complete 50 Executions during story mode.

Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance

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