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Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Playstation 4 

Luoyang in Flames (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 2.

Natural Phenomenon (Bronze)
Utilize the power of the Orb.

No Surrender (Bronze)
Retry a battle after being defeated.

No Way Out (Bronze)
Be surrounded by the enemy on all sides.

On a Rampage (Silber)
Defeat 15 units in a single Synchro Mode session.

One Versus a Thousand (Silber)
Defeat 20 units with a single officer.

Out with the Old (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 10.

Peach Garden Oath (Bronze)
Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong.

Penny Pincher (Silber)
Save 1,000,000 Gold.

Quick on Your Feet (Bronze)
Activate Synchro Mode twice in a single turn.

Rapid Advancement (Bronze)
Perform an EX Attack.

Regret in Xu Province (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 3.

Tested under Fire (Silber)
Complete all of the free battles in the game.

The Best Offense (Bronze)
Complete a turn with five officers using the Defend command.

The Final Blow (Bronze)
Increase your Synchro Attack damage bonus to 100%.

The Sun Family (Bronze)
Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Sun Jian, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang.

The Three Kingdoms (Bronze)
Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Cao Cao, Sun Quan, and Liu Bei.

The Young Tiger in Jiangdong (Bronze)
Complete Complete 6.

Total Mastery (Bronze)
Complete all of the training scenarios.

Unparalleled Might (Bronze)
Defeat an enemy with Lu Bu.

Virtue Rises in Xinye (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 7.

Walking the Path (Gold)
View the Path of Destiny event scenes for each officer.

Weapon Collector (Silber)
Collect all of the weapons in the game.

Wei's Five Generals (Bronze)
Perform a Synchro Attack with a unit containing Zhang Liao, Yue Jin, Yu Jin, Zhang He, and Xu Huang.

Xiapi in Enemy Hands (Bronze)
Complete Chapter 4.

Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers

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