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Toukiden 2: Spieletipps/Tricks

  Playstation 4 

Mitama Savior
Obtain all of the Mitama available (Gold)

Moving on Up
Slay 1,000 small Oni (Bronze)

No Rest for the Wicked
Slay 5 large Oni without taking a break (Bronze)

Not Easily Forgotten
Obtain all of the crests available (Silber)

Press Slay to Start
Be officially anointed as a Slayer (Bronze)

Skin Like a Prune
Bathe in the Pool of Purity 50 times (Bronze)

Slay You, Slay Me
Slay 100 large Oni (Silber)

Slayer of Legend
Obtain all of the trophies (Platin)

Slice & Dice
Destroy 500 Oni body parts (Silber)

Soft & Fluffy
Become friends with a Tenko (Bronze)

The Cutting Edge
Dispatch a machina 30 times (Bronze)

The Path to Eternity
Clear Chapter 6 (Bronze)

The Slaying Begins
Encounter an Oni (Bronze)

True Historian
Activate 300 Boosts (Silber)

True Love
Raise your bond with one of your allies to its maximum level (Bronze)

True Slayer
Clear Chapter 1 (Bronze)

Acquire a total of 1 million Haku (Silber)

Unit Commander
Clear Chapter 5 (Bronze)

Unit Leader
Clear Chapter 4 (Bronze)

Unwavering Faith
Pray 20 times (Bronze)

Versatile Warrior
Set out on 10 missions with each type of weapon available (Bronze)

Veteran Slayer
Clear Chapter 3 (Bronze)

Warrior of Mahoroba
Complete 30 quests (Silber)

Weapon Collector
Acquire 100 different weapons (Bronze)

Toukiden 2

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