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Dungeons II: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Playstation 4 

A Glorious Dungeon (Silber)
One of your dungeons reached the highest possible level at one point in time.

Cleaned out the Crystal Chamber (Bronze)
You collected a total of 2.500 mana.

Dark Gold Rush (Gold)
You mined a total of 1.000.000 gold.

Death to the Alliance! (Gold)
You annihilated all of the Alliance's bases in "Trolls from Hell".

Evil Strikes Back! (Silber)
You used the spell "Evil Strikes Back" once.

Four weddings and no funeral (Gold)
You allowed all the nobles to arrive on the "A blood-red wedding" map, and still managed to complete the mission.

It doesn't get more evil than this! (Platin)
Congratulations, you have scored all Dungeons 2 trophies!

Like a Rolling Stone! (Silber)
You built a "Rolling Stone" trap and it was triggered!

Little Snot (Bronze)
You mined a total of 10.000 gold.

Master of Mana (Silber)
You collected a total of 25.000 mana.

Dungeons II Bild

Mine Superintendent (Silber)
You mined a total of 100.000 gold.

Stay and fight, you coward! (Silber)
You defeated Krowtoes, but he narrowly managed to escape.

Strike-Breaker (Bronze)
You simply fired a furious monster.

The King is Dead, Long Live the Evil! (Silber)
You ensured that King Robert met an untimely demise.

The Last Unicorn (Gold)
You killed a Unicorn in the campaign.

The Power be with you! (Gold)
You collected a total of 250.000 mana.

The Prime Evil! (Gold)
You completed the Dungeons 2 campaign!

The forest is ours! (Gold)
Destroyed the Elf Forest with the Demons

Thou shalt not pass! (Gold)
You managed to hold off all the nobles on the "A blood-red wedding" map. You rascal, you.

Ugh, Daylight! (Bronze)
A creature steps into the Overworld for the first time in the campaign.

Dungeons II

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