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Nioh: Trophäen/Erfolge

  Playstation 4 

A Long Journey Begins
Completed "The Man with the Guardian Spirit".

A Question of Intentions
Met with Tokugawa Ieyasu.

A True Samurai
Completed "The Samurai from Sawayama."

An Agreement Forged
Completed "The Ocean Roars Again."

Axe Master
Acquired mystic art for the axe.

Battle's End
Completed "The Queen's Eyes."

Used a disguise.

Divine Obtainer
Obtained first divine item.

Dual Sword Master
Acquired mystic art for the dual swords.

Dungball Roller
Became Ryunoshin the dung lover's best friend.

End Times
Defeated Derrick the Executioner.

Changed your hair style or beard.

Freedom Restored
Completed "The Demon King Revealed."

Nioh Bild

Friend of Guardians
Collected all Guardian Spirits.

Full-fledged Samurai
Reached level 100.

Gesture Master
Acquired 40 gestures.

Keeper of the Flame
Lit all three evil-warding bonfires in Itsukushima.

Kodama Leader
Collected all Kodama.

Kusarigama Master
Acquired mystic art for the kusarigama.

Latest Masterpiece
Forged an item.


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