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Jagged Alliance - Flashback: Interview mit Thomas Hentschel Lund

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With the help of Kickstarter a huge community will support you. Do you have any plans or intentions? Maybe involving the community in the development?
That is exactly what we want to do, and why we are doing the Kickstarter now instead of half way through the project. We want to engage the community while designing the game and not when everything is decided already.

We can have small competitions to write the best backstories for some of the mercenaries, we can put up votes for features that players want (or not), we can communicate with the fans to make certain that the game is in line with their vision as well.

This is not without risk naturally. And it is not an open game design where the most vocal part of the community decides everything. We have a vision for the game, but we want to have good advisors! Fans to ask when we are in doubt.

Which date is aimed to release Jagged Alliance: Flashback and on which platforms?
The answer partly depends on the final pledge amount and the stretch goals we have in place. We want to make the biggest and best game possible, and if we reach a large pledge sum, then completing the game will take a little extra time.

But for a core game we plan to have it out by the end of 2014.

Platform wise we are going for a multiplatform launch on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. We are developing with the Unity game engine, and that allows us for easy creation of those three platforms at the same time.

A tablet version port is one of the stretch goals further down the line, as we think it could be cool to play the game on a portable device. But this is secondary and not part of the main game we are pitching to the community.

Shall we be able to look at any graphic highlights? Until now - as an exception Crossfire - the standard scenario was a dry desert environment with jungle feeling.
We are using the Unity game engine, and the environment will be fully 3D. This enables us to use a lot of particle and light effects that can make the game look fantastic.

Scenariowise we are still in a tropical setting, so expect jungles, beaches, small towns. Depending on the final budget we could definitely see ourselves adding additional environments like mountains with snow.

In the past, hobby developers could create their own mods in an easy way. That was one reason some of the previous games reached such a high popularity. Is something planned in this way again?
This is still undecided and will highly depend on the final budgets and desires by the community. There is also a varying degree of modability that could be done - from more end user friendly ingame editors to the other end where you basically can code new game functionality. Our main focus is definitely to get the core game up and running first, and then see where it makes sense to open it up for external changes.

Jagged Alliance - Flashback

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