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Jagged Alliance - Flashback: Interview mit Thomas Hentschel Lund

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To make the start easier, in the beginning of Back in Action the skills of a mercenary were not very specific and he was more an all-round talent: Everyone could do everything. Are you planning changings in this aspect?
This is not something we have decided upon yet, and it is a good example of something we want to go into a dialogue with backers on during pre-production. For me personally I would prefer to have non-generic skills. I loved the aspect of the old games that how you assembled your team matters. Even if two mercs disliked each other, you sometimes had to bring them along due to their individual skills.

It's an option that mercenaries can take cover behind objects. Can you explain how this works? Wasn't it a feature of previous episodes?
Yes - cover was in the old games as well. We want to make it more clear to players where there is cover and visually guide players to use the environment to their tactical advantage as well as the effect. Standing behind a bush should be different than shooting out of a window.

In case of the favored mainstream, strategy games have a heavy burden. Especially turn-based titles are in a bad position. Why did you decide to create a game with this as an essential component?
Our company is based on providing turn-based/round-based games. We think that there has been a larger niche here underserved with games for many years, and the success of the new XCOM has clearly shown this to be true.

People still want to play these types of games, and I think publishers have simply gone in the wrong direction by making games for marketing driven "what means mainstream" markets. Just because there is a huge market for FPS games doesn't mean there isn't a market for turn-based games.

The plan & go-feature of Back in Action started a big controversy even before the official release. Will it be again the main part of the combats?
NO! We are removing this completely and going back to the hybrid system in Jagged Alliance 2, where you move your squads in realtime and once you get into line of sight of enemies, then the entire combat system is turn-based.

What are the reasons for you trying to finance Flashback with the help of crowdfunding? Do you believe this kind of business model will be the future?
We have several reasons for crowdfunding this game. We want to primarily make a game for fans by fans! And who is better to talk to than the backers together with our designers?

If we had done this in a classic work for hire fashion through the publisher, they would have everything to decide and not us or the fan. Decisions would be made by marketing departments.

We don't think that Jagged Alliance deserves this, and that is why we want to go straight to the players.

The risk here is naturally, that the game will not be funded. And this would potentially prove to the marketing department that they were right in the first place to turn Jagged Alliance away from turn-based! So this is the chance for fans to prove them wrong. Otherwise I fear that we will never see a turn-based Jagged Alliance again.

Jagged Alliance - Flashback

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